About Us

We work with small grassroots NGOs in the Global South by fundraising for the projects they have designed to benefit their local communities.  If needed, we also offer professional advice and business development support.  

maNGOma‘s other priority is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience between NGOs working in similar fields across the world.  

We believe that our approach is unique.  We do not impose solutions, design or run international projects ourselves, we depend upon local NGOs and their communities to do that.  What we offer is the help along the way; providing support, fundraising and putting them in touch with others who work in similar areas so that they can offer each other mutual assistance.

maNGOma is run by our trustee board  and supported by other professionals experienced in the fields of fundraising, training and business development.  However, to deliver our services we rely on volunteers; where needed we offer mentoring, coaching to help them develop their skills and their roles.