IF campaign evaluation results just published

The full independent evaluation of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign is now available.  Written by Steve Tibbett and Chris Stalker from the Advocacy Hub, the report assesses the campaign against its objectives and provides lessons and recommendations for future coalition campaigns. From the outset Bond lead the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning of the IF campaign – See more at: http://www.bond.org.uk/campaigning#bond-s-role

In 2013, the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign – a powerful coalition of more than 200 organisations supported by tens of thousands of people across the UK – called on the UK government and G8 leaders to take action towards ending the global hunger crisis. See more at: http://www.bond.org.uk/campaigning

According to the findings, IF increased the influence of our sector which ultimately helped to secure historic government and international commitments to spending on aid, and especially nutrition.

For the full report see http://www.bond.org.uk/data/files/IF_campaign_evaluation_report.pdf


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