Projects – sharing experience

In the UK there are many non-profit organisations (charities, social enterprises etc) whose field of interest is similar to that of our Global South partners. One of maNGOma’s aims is to facilitate the sharing of best practice through our partner’s experiences, innovations and community based solutions.

Projects in different countries and contexts will have different types of challenges compared to those faced by their UK counterparts, but we are confident that they have more in common than is often realised.

For example some of the major issues being addressed by the projects we are supporting – issues which are shared by UK non profits are listed below.

Adult education

For various reasons, in the UK and southern countries, some entire communities, and some people within communities, fail to achieve the educational standards they need to have reasonable employment prospects and to participate actively in society.  Factors such as poverty and poor or inaccessible public provision are often to blame.

Children’s education

Projects supporting schools and children’s attendance and attainment are offered by our partner HWF and SWDC. The need for these projects includes: poor quality of school buildings; poor sanitation; inadequate access to schools in local communities; inadequate facilities and support (such as toilets) for girls which prevents them from attending.

Vocational skills and enterprise

Vocational skills leading to sustainable employment and enterprise opportunities are offered by both the Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre (SWDC) and Fistrad.

Photo courtesy of Children of the Nations