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Chale Wote Street Festival in Accra, Ghana

Accra’s Chale Wote Street Art festival comes to town

This was the third annual Chale Wote street art festival has taken place in the historic district of Jamestown in Accra, Ghana.  The festival is a series of mini events (photography and art exhibitions, street stencil works, graffiti and mural paintings, theatre, dance, and spoken word performances, live music and DJ sets, more music, more […]

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Ghanaian boy learning

A primary school and community adult education centre combined

PAAJAF are keen to establish a new primary school in Ghana, which will also serve as a community adult education centre.  This will give disadvantaged children much improved life chances, as existing schools are hugely overcrowded. PAAJAF recognise that the vulnerable women and children are often discriminated against and lack basic skills required to cope […]

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Photo of a Ghanaian woman and her baby

Family learning in Ghana

PAAJAF have developed family learning projects in Gbawe, Ghana. This town has high levels of adult illiteracy which is trapping families in extreme poverty, stopping them from being able to find jobs or even access crucial medical information. Longer term PAAJAF’s aim is to establish a new primary school which will also serve as a community adult education […]

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