Medical Clinic

Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre (SWDC) has a health care clinic which provides health assessments, diagnosis and treatment free of charge to everyone who is involved within SWDC (typically the poorest within the region, who may not be able to access healthcare regularly). The clinic also has a maternity care centre which offers both pre and post natal care, as well as care for newborns.

Women are also educated on health issues, these sessions are taught by the chief of the clinic, and a professional midwife. These sessions include primary health care, nutrition, hygiene, birth control, HIV/AIDs prevention, prevention and treatment of common problems (diarrhoea, malaria, dengue fever etc.) and the use of basic medicines. The regular education sessions enable women to care for their children in times of illness and also help to stop the spread of infection.

So far, the clinic as diagnosed and treated over 4,352 patients. Due to the free access to diagnosis and treatment, patient’s standard of living and health has improved.

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