School sponsorship programme

Child receiving a school uniform

Stung Treng Women’s Development Centre (SWDC) has two children’s education aspects. A school sponsorship education program and they also run a nursery for children aged 3-6.

The school sponsorship programme is aimed toward the more deprived children in the area in order to enable them to attend both a public primary and secondary school. The programme supports 100 children per year, and has so far seen 1,144 children from impoverished families gain an education. The programme enables and encourages children from low income families to attend school and continue their education for longer than they would be able to without funding.

The programme increased in awareness of the value of education, by making it more accessible to families whom do not have the spare finance to afford an education for their child. It also increases the likelihood of employment for those children in the future.

In addition to the school fees being covered, the programme also provides a support pack, comprising of books, stationary, uniforms, sandals and money to pay for school administrative expenses. Bicycles are also provided for children who live a far distance from school.

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