maNGOma aren’t solely focused on our international partners. We also want to improve wellbeing in the UK through sharing of knowledge and education. We run social and community programs with the aim of developing business and social enterprise skills, thus increasing employment opportunities of UK citizens. These workshops not just improve relevant business skills but also introduce or expand individuals knowledge on the topic of UK aid and international development. International Development is an increasingly important area in an ever connected world as well as an area growing rapidly in terms of domestic employment opportunities.

Despite being a relatively wealthy country in terms of GDP (5th out of 193 economies), income inequality in the UK is comparatively high and is increasing.  Those on lower incomes have a poor standard of living, but in most cases their poverty is relative rather than absolute, as they have access to public service provision (health services, welfare and so on).  The poverty line in the UK is commonly defined as being 60% of the median household income and currently one-third of the population live in households below this line.  The Human Development Index (HDI) in 2015, ranks the country at 16 out of 187.  

Photo courtesy of Rediffmail