Pulsar International has now become a registered charity and has been obliged to change its name in order to register with the Charity Commission.  We are now known as MaNGOma – Mutual Assistance – for NGOs – for Mutual Advantage.  Further details including new contact details will become available in due course.


There are many non profit organisations around the world doing excellent work benefiting extremely vulnerable people. These are so little known compared to the large scale charities based from the UK, yet all their resources go directly to people in need in their communities.

MaNGOma (previously known as Pulsar International) supports these projects conceived by grassroots NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations); projects which create sustainable change for the world’s most vulnerable people.

All our projects are designed by grassroots non-governmental organisations and the communities in which they serve – our job is just to help make them happen.

We believe that many of the challenges faced by NGOs are similar the world over, even though the context in each country will be different.  So we aim to create a network to encourage the sharing of experience and innovation, particularly in our project fields of adult education, children’s education, disability, vocational skills and enterprise.


Photo of a smiling African boy

Photo courtesy of Flickr