ZimConserve is a Zimbabwe-based charity whose mission is to promote the conservation of Zimbabwe’s biodiversity, wildlife and natural resources while working on building sustainable agricultural practices in order to reduce poverty.

Working with disadvantaged communities, the organisation carries out poverty-alleviating work by increasing access to sustainable food sources whilst simultaneously empowering communities with the knowledge and skills required to develop self-sustaining livelihoods. ZimConserve focuses on projects that work alongside the natural environment to create the necessary infrastructure to provide food and water security. In so doing, they support the creation of sustainable and resilient communities across the country.

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Our stakeholders and beneficiaries enjoyed the master tree growing program aimed at educating communities and how they can pass on the same knowledge to their neighbours.

Current Project

Enabling poor rural households to generate income from mushrooms

This Project will enable poor rural households in central Zimbabwe to improve their livelihoods by earning significant and predictable income through the farming and sale of high value mushrooms. A training and marketing hub at a permaculture resource centre will be established. Participants would be enabled to organise the growing, harvesting and centralised supply of consistently high quality, sustainably harvested mushrooms in quantities sufficient to satisfy buyers. Women would be empowered to take a leading role in business and domestic decision-making. Alongside this the Project will build households’ resistance to infection and disease by improving nutrition. Lessons learned will be shared, and while the Project is running, ZimConserve will work with the farmers to research the potential of additional trading opportunities involving other products.