We regard ourselves as unique in international development. We don’t ( as yet) hold our own funds. Instead, we form partnerships with NGOs around the globe and raise donations and obtain grants on their behalf, which we then pass directly onto them.

We are only able to accept a limited number of partners. However, as we expand we hope to increase our ability to support many more NGOs and their community projects.
Once we have accepted a project we work hard with our team of volunteers to secure funds from grant-making trusts, foundations, and donors to make it happen.

Any funding we secure becomes our responsibility, so before releasing it we have to ensure that the partner commits to all of ours and the funder’s conditions, for example reporting on progress and outcomes, accounting for expenditure, and submitting to us reports and evaluations.

Partners may be visited by our volunteers if finance permits. Large projects may include the cost of an independent evaluator in their budget.


If you like the way we work, we would really appreciate a donation. Use the Just Giving donate button below.